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Corporate Headquarters: 555 Yuchengco St. (formerly Nueva St), Binondo Manila

8244.6111 or 10; 8245.1218

We highly suggest to reach us via

(+63) 908.1657900 Smart Viber

(+63) 995.5285065 Globe Viber





Digital Printing Solutions Acer

Brands > Brother

Brother DCP-7055 Brother DCP-7055
  Brother DCP J100 Brother DCP J100
  Brother DCP-J105 InkBenefit Brother DCP-J105 InkBenefit
MFC-J200 InkBenefit MFC-J200 InkBenefit
  LC-47 Colored LC-47 Colored
  LC-57 Black LC-57 Black
LC-57 Colored LC-57 Colored
  LC-67 Black LC-67 Black
  LC-67 Colored LC-67 Colored
LC-67HY Black LC-67HY Black
  LC-67HY Colored LC-67HY Colored
  LC-73 Black LC-73 Black
LC-73 Colored LC-73 Colored
  LC-38 Black LC-38 Black
  LC-38 Colored LC-38 Colored
LC-39 Black LC-39 Black
  LC-39 Colored LC-39 Colored
  LC-40 Black LC-40 Black
LC-40 Colored LC-40 Colored
  LC-47 Black LC-47 Black
  Fax Machine 236s Fax Machine 236s

Thermal Fax with Phone

Fax Machine Brother 2840 Fax Machine Brother 2840

Compact laser Fax machine with print and copy capabilities

  Fax Machine Brother 878 Fax Machine Brother 878

Plain Paper Fax with Phone and Copier

  Brother PT-2730 Brother PT-2730
Brother PT-2030 Brother PT-2030
  Brother PT-7600 Brother PT-7600
  Brother PT-9700PC Brother PT-9700PC
Brother QL-1050 Brother QL-1050
  Brother PT-E100VP Brother PT-E100VP
  Brother PT-E300VP Brother PT-E300VP
Brother QL-700 Brother QL-700
  Brother QL-720NW Brother QL-720NW
Brother MFC-L9550CDW Brother MFC-L9550CDW
  Brother ADS-1100W Brother ADS-1100W
  Brother ADS-1600W Brother ADS-1600W
Brother ADS-2600W Brother ADS-2600W
  Brother DS-620 Brother DS-620
  Brother DS-720D Brother DS-720D
Brother ADS-2100 Brother ADS-2100
  LC-539XL Black LC-539XL Black
  LC-535XL Colored LC-535XL Colored
Brother PT-D600 Brother PT-D600
  Brother MFC-L2700D Brother MFC-L2700D
  Brother HL-L8360CDW Brother HL-L8360CDW
Brother DCP-L2540DW Brother DCP-L2540DW
  Brother MFC-J200 InkBenefit Brother MFC-J200 InkBenefit
  Brother HL-1110 Brother HL-1110
Brother MFC-L2700DW Brother MFC-L2700DW
  Brother MFC-L2740DW Brother MFC-L2740DW
  Brother MFC-8910DW Brother MFC-8910DW
Brother HL-L8250CDN Brother HL-L8250CDN
  Brother HL-3170CDW Brother HL-3170CDW
  Brother MFC-7290 Brother MFC-7290
Brother MFC-9140CDN Brother MFC-9140CDN
  Brother MFC-9330CDW Brother MFC-9330CDW
  Brother MFC-J2320 InkBenefit Brother MFC-J2320 InkBenefit
Brother MFC-J2720 InkBenefit Brother MFC-J2720 InkBenefit
  Brother HL-3150CDN Brother HL-3150CDN
  Brother MFC-J3720 InkBenefit Brother MFC-J3720 InkBenefit
Brother HL-L2375DW Brother HL-L2375DW
  Brother DCP-T300 Brother DCP-T300
  Brother DCP-T500W Brother DCP-T500W
Brother DCP-T700W Brother DCP-T700W
  Brother DCP-T800W Brother DCP-T800W
  DCP-1510 DCP-1510
Brother MFC-1815 Brother MFC-1815
  Brother MFC-1815 Brother MFC-1815
  Brother HL-1210W Brother HL-1210W
Brother DCP-1615NW Brother DCP-1615NW
  Brother MFC-1910W Brother MFC-1910W
  Brother PT-E550W Brother PT-E550W
Brother PT-9800PCN Brother PT-9800PCN
  Brother PT-D210 Brother PT-D210
  Brother PT-D200KT Brother PT-D200KT
Brother PT-D400AD Brother PT-D400AD
  BT5000 Colored BT5000 Colored
  BT6000 Black BT6000 Black
Brother Toner TN-2025 Brother Toner TN-2025
  Brother Drum DR-2025 Brother Drum DR-2025
  Brother Toner TN-2130 Brother Toner TN-2130
Brother Toner TN-2150 Brother Toner TN-2150
  Brother Drum DR-2125 Brother Drum DR-2125
  Brother Toner TN-2060 Brother Toner TN-2060
Brother Toner TN-2260 Brother Toner TN-2260